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Comprehensive Inspections

Georgia Building Inspections General Home Inspection Services Are Available Today, Across the State

At Georgia Building Inspections, delivering consistent, quality services for every client—realtors, property owners, buyers and sellers—is always our priority. For more than 30 years, our extensive network of highly trained Georgia Building Inspections inspectors has become one of the state's leading home inspection companies. Our bedrock commitment to providing professional, reliable services—with exceptional quality—never wavers. We investigate everything you need—thoroughly organized to the last detail—and keep track of it all. Using our complete, process-based approach to inspections, helps your worries evaporate.

Georgia Building Inspections inspections are conducted by individually owned and operated franchise business owners who live and work in your local community. Our certified, professional home inspectors are trained to meet or exceed the highest industry standards, exude professionalism and thoroughly communicate all of their findings in a calm and concise manner. All of our inspectors are required to carry E&O insurance that includes agent indemnification. They’re available to answer your questions every step of the way.

During a general home inspection, our Georgia Building Inspections inspectors examine 400+ items in various general categories in and around the property, including:

• Air Conditioning and Heating Systems • Exterior Home Components • Electrical Systems • Roofing • Foundations - Interior and Exterior • Plumbing Systems • Attics • Basements and Crawl Spaces • Room-by-Room Reviews


Additional services include testing, analysis and assessment of the following:


• Radon Gas Testing • Thermal Imaging • Water Intrusion Testing • Gas Leak Testing • Energy Assessments • Pool & Spa Inspections


Our expert inspectors provide you with the complete details of their findings, explained in easily understood terms, in our Georgia Building Inspections report. Our inspectors are also available for follow-up phone consultations after inspections, so you get answers directly from the source.

When they recommend Georgia Building Inspections, real estate professionals refer their clients with confidence—knowing that their valued relationships will remain in good hands. Contact Georgia Building Inspections today, and help your clients find the professional home inspector they deserve.

Your Building Consultants For Life!

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