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Why Should I Get A Pre-Listing Inspection?

Your home is a major investment. Getting an inspection before you list your home is important to know where you may need to make repairs which can add value to your home before you sell to get the best possible price or to close the deal quicker.

3 Reasons to get a Pre-Listing Inspection:

  1. Advance Notice - Every home comes with their fair share of issues. Use the information to make repairs or for delayed maintenance in your selling price. 

  2. Buyer May Accept - Some buyers may accept the pre-listing inspections and get another inspection during their due diligence period moving things along quicker. 

  3. Informed Pricing - You don't need to make all repairs before selling. Reflect it in your selling price.  

Important Factors:

  1. If issues are discovered, you MUST disclose of them to the buyer

  2. If significant time has passed--conditions may have changed and buyer may not accept

  3. Pre-Listing Inspections do not serve as Home Inspections unless buyer accepts 

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