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11th Month Warranty Inspection


Having a home warranty adds an extra layer of financial protection — a buffer — so that when vital systems and appliances inevitably break, you won’t have to break the bank to get them fixed. But home warranty benefits go further than that; they protect not only homebuyers and homeowners, but also provide a valuable service for sellers, listing agents, and buyer’s agents as well. We inspect those systems and look for defects that lead to costly repairs during a Home Warranty Inspection. Schedule your inspection on the 11th month to take advantage of your Home Warranty benefits before they expire each year.  

Home Warranty Benefits For Homeowners

At its most basic, an effective home warranty provides peace of mind to homeowners. It helps protect limited budgets from unexpected repair costs, and gives homeowners a convenient and time saving way to locate qualified repair specialists. And, with 24/7 service and no limit to the number of service calls that can be made, the best home warranty plans are always available when you need them. Additionally, new homeowners who may not be as familiar with their home systems or maintenance history can enjoy the reassurance that comes from knowing that, should something fail, the home warranty company will fix the problem. And for those who have just spent a sizable amount of money on closing costs, it’s nice to not have to pay out of pocket for any repairts that might crop up.

Home Warranty Benefits For Sellers

When you place a house on the market, it needs to be at its best. As such, when systems or appliances unexpectedly fail, your home’s market value can suffer. Sellers who invest in a home warranty plan during the listing period can ensure that their property is always in good working condition. Likewise, a home warranty helps prevent awkward and potentially costly situations where a sale has to be postponed or canceled due to a failed system or appliance. With the right home warranty plan, sellers can stand behind their properties with confidence, and can expect potential buyers to have the same confidence when the time comes to submit offers.

Home Warranty Benefits For Listing Agents

Home warranties aren’t just for buyers and sellers; listing agents can also benefit from purchasing a home warranty plan for a seller’s property. After all, the listing agent represents the current owner in the home-sale process, and is responsible for ensuring the best outcome for the seller. By investing in a home warranty, listing agents add an appealing selling point to the home’s listing — potentially leading to faster sales and better offers. And by offering home warranties as part of their standard listing package, listing agents demonstrate their commitment to their clients. Finally, most home warranty companies will provide free listing coverage when a real estate agent lists a home that is covered by a home warranty.


Home Warranty Benefits For Buyer’s Agents

Buyer’s agents are responsible for guiding home buyers through the complexities of the transaction process, answering any questions or concerns they might have along the way. Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential concerns associated with buying a home. Buyer’s agents can alleviate a lot of those concerns and increase buyer confidence by investing in a home warranty for the purchased property. A home warranty will reassure buyers that, should there be any system or appliance problems with their new home, the issues will be resolved quickly and inexpensively. This also helps avoid the legal minefield of post-sale liability; if something stops working, homeowners contact their home warranty company rather than having to get the sellers involved.

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